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Aerdon will cater to your lift table needs – big or small! We offer a wide range of small scissor lifts that are ideal for compact workspaces.

Our custom-built small scissor lifts are a safe, efficient solution for smaller loads, Ergonomics, Positioning, Adjustable Work Platform, Assembly, Portable, Material Handling

Aerdon’s small scissor lift table are available in Electric Hydraulic, Air Hydraulic and [MH1] Pneumatic types. With a focus on precision and safety, all of our small scissor lifts comply with industry standards and regulations. Our small lift units are extremely compact, and are ideal for loads of up to 6000 lbs. Our small scissor lift can be designed and built to lift with multiple scissor sections for high travel applications.

Aerdon has developed into a valuable resource for Precision Finished Components. We will continue to utilize their expertise & experience on other material handling issues

  • Malcolm MacNeil
  • Health, Safety, Environment Manager
  • Tesma PFC division of Magna International
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The Aerdon Difference

Our lifts are designed with 3D CAD software and manufactured by our highly skilled work force in our modern manufacturing facility. We use the highest quality materials, fluid power and motion control systems for optimal performance and reliability.

Aerdon’s line of small scissor lifts is designed with ergonomic efficiency in mind. Safety features and options for our small lift tables include: all steel welded construction, velocity fuse fall safe device, constant pressure push controls, toe guards, and toe guard sensors, up limit switches, high pressure hydraulic cylinders & hoses, pressure relief valve, pressure compensated flow controls, built maintenance struts, accordion curtain enclosures, foot pedals controls with steel guards, and floor anchor brackets.

If you’re searching for an industrial grade lift for loads of less than 6,000 lbs. we can engineer a reliable lift table specifically for you. With over 35 years of lift table experience, Aerdon is an industry leader in custom designed scissor lifts. We’ll design small scissor lifts and small scissor lift tables to fit your needs – satisfaction guaranteed.