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Aerdon pallet scissor lifts make lifting pallets or skids easy, and are designed with ergonomic efficiency in mind. With safety features such as, an Aerdon scissor lift pallet jack ensures superb operator safety.

A standard pallet scissor lift can lift loads up to 10,000 lbs. and reach a variety of heights, making it an ideal choice for applications such as: ergonomic positioning, loading and unloading pallets.

All scissor pallet jack can be equipped with wheels for mobility, as well as ergonomically friendly handles for increased comfort. Additional features for our pallet scissor lift models include high efficiency hydraulic power packs, low pressure cylinders, self lubricating bushings and low friction bearings.

Aerdon has developed into a valuable resource for Precision Finished Components. We will continue to utilize their expertise & experience on other material handling issues.

  • Malcolm MacNeil
  • Health, Safety, Environment Manager
  • Tesma PFC division of Magna International
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The Aerdon Difference

Our pallet scissor lifts are available in electric and pneumatic [MH3] systems to best suit your needs. Aerdon is also pleased to work with you to design a pallet lift to fit your specifications. If you need a specific height or weight capacity, Aerdon can engineer a lift solution for you. With over 35 years of experience in lift solutions, Aerdon is an industry leader in material handling. By choosing Aerdon, you’re guaranteed a strong, reliable pallet scissor lift to get the job done.