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Aerdon’s line of Gaylord dumpers offers material handling solutions for a variety of industrial applications, like loading materials into injection machines or placing materials in a grinder.

This series will accommodate various Gaylord cardboard boxes and many other industrial straight-sided containers.

Made of only the highest quality industrial steel, Aerdon Gaylord dumper models are built for years of reliable service.

Aerdon has developed into a valuable resource for Precision Finished Components. We will continue to utilize their expertise & experience on other material handling issues.

  • Malcolm MacNeil
  • Health, Safety, Environment Manager
  • Tesma PFC division of Magna International
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The Aerdon Difference

Aerdon is able to custom engineer lifting and dumping solutions tailored to your specific needs. We offer custom weight and height capacities, as well as additional safety features.

Our stationary dumpers have load capacities of up to 6,000 lbs, and have optional oversized platforms and bases, as well as low and high pivot heights. Other additional specifications for our Gaylord dumpers include: custom load restraints, custom enclosures and chutes, electric toe guards, 1 - 3 hp, 220-575/3/60, 12 - 24v DC, 1 - 4 hp air motors, explosion proof, foot pedal controls, automated operation, accordion curtain enclosures, custom finishes, or stainless steel platforms.

Workplace safety is our #1 concern. Aerdon’s lines of material handling solutions are custom engineered to ensure operator safety and productivity. With over 35 years of lift and material handling experience, Aerdon is your trusted source for Gaylord dumpers and more.