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Aerdon electric lift tables offer an unmatched combination of precision, height, and capacity variations.

With a focus on workplace safety and efficiency, Aerdon electric lifts are built to exceed industry standards and increase workplace productivity.

An Aerdon electric hydraulic lift table features intuitive operator controls designed for maximum precision. All electric hydraulic lift tables have maximum load ratings and a raised height limits, an Aerdon electric hydraulic lift table is ideal for a variety of industrial applications, including: including ergonomic, material handling, pallet positioning, load positioning, load transferring, work stations, and work platforms to name a few.

Aerdon has developed into a valuable resource for Precision Finished Components. We will continue to utilize their expertise & experience on other material handling issues.

  • Malcolm MacNeil
  • Health, Safety, Environment Manager
  • Tesma PFC division of Magna International
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The Aerdon Difference

Aerdon is also pleased to offer additional custom features for electric hydraulic lift tables, like oversized platforms, higher capacities and travel, rotating tops, tilt tops, conveyors and transfer balls, tapered toe guards, and toe guard sensors, up limit switches, automated controls, accordion curtain enclosures.

Many of our electric hydraulic scissor lift table models offer an impressive running time with minimal downtime for charging; meaning increased operating efficiency for you and your employees.

Our electric hydraulic lift tables are all equipped with top-of-the-line safety features, like toe guards, Choosing an Aerdon custom electric hydraulic lift table means putting your company’s safety first.

We’ll help engineer an electric lift table tailored to your specific needs. With over 35 years of material handling expertise, Aerdon is an industry leader. Our dedication to operator safety makes us your trusted source for all lift solutions.