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Common Aerdon Scissor Lift Applications

  • Infeeding of material for processing, i.e. metal, (sheet & products) MDF panels, lumber, cardboard, paper, and plastic products
  • Outfeeds of material for stacking and palletizing
  • Order picking distribution centres
  • Positioning work for assembly, maintenance & processing
  • Transferring material, at machine height & conveyor processing
  • Loading docks
  • Freight Lifts mezzanines, between levels

The Growth of Applications For Lifting Equipment

  • Ergonomically designed workstations (WCB code ergonomic regulations)
  • Reducing worker injuries (back saver)
  • Reducing worker fatigue
  • Companies are focusing on workers comfort & efficiency
  • Companies need to be more efficient and productive to compete in the marketplace
  • Companies are looking for ways to achieve their goals
  • Reengineering plants, processing and distribution operations
  • Automating for higher production, improving quality and labor reduction
  • Scissor Lifts provide an efficient and durable lifting and lowering platform, at a very affordable cost (Very quick payback)

Scissor Lift Users

  • All Manufactures
  • Production manufacturing that utilizes "conveyor automation machinery, processing equipment, product food handling & packaging equipment
  • Lumber mills, Remanufacturing mills, Millworks
  • Paper mills & Packaging material mills
  • Printing plants
  • Food processing & Food packers
  • Distribution centres
  • Metal processing & Stamping plants
  • Furniture manufactures
  • Aerospace industry
  • Loading docks
  • Freight lifts
  • Furniture

Aerdon Scissor Lift Features

  • Heavy duty solid plate steel scissor arms
  • Holes precision drilled & reamed for accurate alignment
  • Heavy duty displacement cylinders, with standardized replacement seals
  • Long life powerpacks, with internal pressure relief valve
  • Heavy plate platforms, with reinforced structural steel
  • Torsion tubing cross braces
  • All welded base frames Lifetime lubricated bearings at all pivot points
  • All axles & pins turned & ground hardened shafting
  • Velocity fuse on all cylinders (fall safe device)
  • Safety warning strips on platform all metal degreased and finished with enamel paint

Aerdon Advantages

  • Over 30 Years of experience
  • Very competitive pricing
  • 113 standard models
  • Quality built & dependable products
  • Custom design & build capabilities
  • Fast deliveries
  • Freight solutions & rates
  • Experienced exporter (duty & brokerage fees paid by Aerdon)
  • 2 year structural warranty (extended warranties available)
  • Product support & service